Belassi Summer Cinema

Warm summer evenings with wine, beer or a mixed summer drink with friends or loved ones, a relaxing movie and even the most ideal day is suddenly more beautiful.

Pre-premiere of Welcome Home, Brothers!

Although I don't believe in coincidences, we came to this event by chance. Just before Jozef Hollý's concert, the Belassi Garden caught the attention of someone from behind the scenes of the organisers of the new summer comedy about Slovaks in the Balkans, which was beginning a preview tour of Slovakia before it opened in cinemas.

News from Hotel Belassi Bojnice

The current situation is not favourable for the hotel industry or gastronomy. Nevertheless, we think positively and try to move forward. Because there will come a time when everything will come to an end and we want to be ready.

Autumn Bojnice

What to do in Bojnice? This question is probably asked by everyone who has seen Bojnice Castle and the Zoological Garden. Nowadays, however, most of us are looking for safe outdoor attraction options where lots of people don't congregate at once.