Menu and wine list

A daily menu is offers dishes made from fresh seasonal ingredients. Plase choose of 2 starters, 2 soups, 5 main dishes, 2 desserts.


Quality is widely discussed topic and constantly rising demands of the customers are adding to its importance, not only in gastronomy. More and more it is emphasized not only the delicious food itself, but also many other accompanying factors allowing to enjoy it fully. Quality of Restaurant Belassi Bojnice is not a phrase. Rather than it is an every-day approach by which we try to offer you the best possible at all times. The results of our effort are also following activities.

HACCP Standards

Method of analysis of processes and procedures while preparing dishes is a key standard in our company and not only on paper. With us, you can be absolutely sure your menu will be prepared safely.

Member of ZHRSR

In order to provide you with even better service, we became a member of professional Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Slovak Republic (ZHRSR). Therefore we are not only close to important information, but also trainings and courses, education programmes and activities, competitions and projects taking us forward and closer to you. Our goal is not to get quality certificates, but firstly meet your requirements. Your satisfaction is our highest achievement. We are looking forward to you.