Pleasure and experience of the dishes in the menu

Our menu is not only the sum of nutritional values. Rather it is an interplay of flavours and smells enabling you to perceive an every-day menu as something more. This moment will become yours and yours only.

Baby Friendly

We keep in mind the little-ones as well. High chairs, children´s menu, children playground full of toys, non-smoking area, wheelchair access, plenty of space for your pushchair inside the hotel, terrace with garden and an accommodation under one roof. Not to mention complementary baby bed. Since little guests are great customers for us.

Events and more

You will not experience only common lunch with us. We will always provide you with something more. Experience not only from the food, but also from pleasant music, chamber orchestra concerts or complexly organized event will allow you to escape from the every-day reality.

Atmosphere to your taste

Whether you are planning business meeting, private celebration or you just want to have a dinner for two, we are here to meet your needs. Variability of our premises, variety of the menu and friendly staff will adjust not only the menu according to your needs.

Fresh and Trendy

Fresh ingredients are our most precious quality. No dish from our kitchen is made from semi-prepared convenience food or any replacements. Likewise new trends pushing us forward and providing our customers with always something unique, are very important to us.

Healthy Environment

Dining in NO-SMOKING AREA! Enjoy your food without any disturbing influence. There is no smoking on our premises at all time.

Celebrate and stay the night, both under one roof

Enjoy the magical moment and forget all about the busy world outside. Do not rush from the party at its best. We will prepare comfortable room for you to rest without any worries, after your celebration party or business diner.

Specialty cuisine – Mediterranean cuisine

Cousine full of bright flavors, sun and seaside atmosphere. Mediterranean cuisine is characterized by ease meals unlimited nature of combinations and the frequency variations. Exactly such as the area from which it comes – precise French, Spanish temper, charming Italian, Greek delicious. To taste it, you do not have to measure hundreds of kilometers. Mediterranean cuisine can also be found in Bojnice. BELASSI Bojnice Cafe & Restaurant offers you a taste of summer all year round. Only fresh ingredients, genuine home made Italian pasta, any intermediate products and the correct proportions of the right flavors can conjure a symphony on the plate and on the tongue.

Vegetables and fruit, pasta, with unlimited shapes, rice, cheese of different flavors, fish and seafood, but also meat dishes prepared with sound way to raw food as well as to your digestion, it all and even a little more is Mediterranean cuisine. Not-forget the olive oil as the basis of longevity and herbs in all its forms, enhancing the taste of each creation. Mediterranean cuisine in its design caters to not only relieve your digestion, but also the mind. After a hearty lunch with us, you will feel full of positive energy.

You should not miss southern desserts BELASI Cafe & Restaurant Bojnice.  Light and refreshing, not only in the summer months, surprised his resourcefulness shapes, flavors and fragrances. French coffee Brosio is one of among the famous varieties of coffee connoisseurs of gourmet French only. Therefore, we bring it to you. Treat yourself to a sip of esoteric humor and enjoy the magic of the present moment.

To good food is also essential that good wine. Recommended and tune wine to your menu so that you will be enhanced the flavor and magnified your experience. Will enchant you with its lightness, charm and irresistible desserts.

Business, private and social events


Restaurant BELASSI Bojnice is a part of hotel complex Belassi **** belonging to an international network of hotels Best Western. Situated at the heart of Spa town of Bojnice, just within the reach of eye-catching dominant of not only Slovakia, but the whole Central Europe, Bojnice Castle, it provides pleasure not only in gastronomy but culture as well. Furnished in modern style, it absolutely matches hotel interiors and at the same time provides much more than mere hotel dining.


Summer terrace

Summer terrace with a large garden hidden from the eyes of passers-by is often a big surprice that you would not expect on the main street of Bojnce city. It is an oasis of relaxation amid the hustle and bustle, which will be appreciated by business travelers, but also families with children. For those BELASSI Bojnice restaurant has a spacious children’s play area set aside in a separate room with lots of interesting toys and activities.

Terrace has got seating for 32 people covered with awning. The garden is located on a gentle slope and it is possible to organize a wedding or outdoor activities with refreshments there on the terrace.

Restaurant BELASSI Bojnice is directly connected to the interior of the BELASSI hotel ****, which offers accommodation in 20 rooms and suites at the level of international standards. The advantage of this connection is the proximity of accommodation in case of corporate and private events.

Continuous internet connection through WiFi signal is available to you at the hotel reception directly near the restaurant. And even if you come to visit us for relax, in case of need you can arrange the business affairs or business meeting.