Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle is the most visited site of the region and is part of the Slovak National Museum. Throughout the year there are guided tours, including various themes. The romantic character is also emphasized by the opportunity to ged married in the Golden Hall.

Spa Bojnice

Bojnice Spa lies in the very heart of Slovakia. It is a charming and peaceful spa resort. Thanks to a combination of its geographic location, climate and water composition, provides its guests an ideal conditions for the natural curative treatment processes, regeneration, rest and tranquillity.

ZOO Bojnice

The National Zoo Bojnice presents its unique collection of animals from the entire world, consisting of more than 430 species with the total number of more than 3500 animals. National Zoological Garden Bojnice is the oldest and the most visited zoological garden in Slovakia.

Prepoštská cave

Step into the ancient times of human history and discover the prehistoric world near Bojnice Castle. Original experiences await you and your children around Prepoštská Cave. For example try a unique night guided tour with torch.

Falconers Aquilla Bojnice

The aim of Aquila falconers is to help predators in their struggle for survival, not only breeding, but also by promoting, bringing their beauty, perfection, promoting falconry as the oldest method of hunting, but also by raising children and youth in nature, but last but not least predators, their rehabilitation and research.

King Matthias linden

King Matej’s linden tree grows in the castle park in Bojnice and is the property of the Slovak National Museum. It is the oldest not only in our country but also in Europe. Thanks to its age of over 700 years it is a rare monument and botanically important tree and is protected by the state.

Mysterium Bojnice

Adventure games are waiting for you in Mysterium Bojnice. You can find different range of games in interior, known as escape rooms or outdoor games, and something special – of walking on the fire.

Sightseeing tower

You cannot miss 30-meter-high tree-topped structure, which offers a unique view of Bojnice. You can reach it by car or by walking along the asphalt pavement, which leads from Bojnice through the forest park.



Waterworld Sebedražie

Spend a day staying in the countryside while catching your own lunch. The Water World offers the possibility of fishing without a fishing permit. A variety of attractions await you can sit by the fire at the megalithic fireplace, or visit a pirate ship with refreshments.

Montyranc horseridding

Admire the beautiful nature of Malá Fatra from the horse saddle. Montyranc Vyšehradne offers horse rental for experienced riders and beginners.

Tandem parachute or sightseeing flight

Would you like to see the world from a bird’s eye view? Exceed your limits and try something unique. The possibility of jumping even for couples. For more information, contact your service provider in advance.

Golf Club Bojnice

Discover a 9-hole piedmont golf course in Sebedrazie with elements of Scottish golf. Almost 25 hectare area is situated on the field with a 50 meter elevation.

Miniatur golf in Prievidza

City park in Prievidza is a great place to enjoy time wiht your family or friends. In the summer you will be pleased by the miniature golf course, and in case of bad weather modern bowling alleys are waiting for you.

Mining museum

Mining has a long history in Upper Nitra region and was an integral part of its inhabitants. Take the opportunity to get into the bowels of the earth with a train and get to know the hard work of miners. Brown coal has been mined in the tourist area recently, and these places are therefore very authentic. You shall call the tour provider at least one day in advance.




It is the highest peak of Mala Magura, geomorphological subunit Strážovské hills. 1141.3 m n. m. You can start your hiking route directly from Bojnice via Calvary on the yellow tourist trail.

Ski Cigel and Jancekova Rock

Not far from Bojnice, we find the small local ski resort Ski Cígeľ, which is open all day on weekends and offers night skiing during the week. Family friendly hiking trail begins from the water reservoir and to Jančekova Rock.


Kľak is significant rocky peak on the main ridge south of Lúčanská Mala Fatra. It is a good place for hiking and winter sports. Skiarena Fačkov is a paradise for lovers of winter sports and adrenaline.

Mountain range Vtáčnik

Vtáčnik is significant recky and mountainy peak on the main ridge of the mountain range with the same name. Is very well known for its climbing area “Hradok”. It offers beautiful hiking experiences and views up towards the Tatra Mountains.

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