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In order to ensure the proper functioning of this site, we sometimes store small data files called “cookies” on your device. This is a common practice in most websites. In some cases, these files may also contain personal information. The transfer of these data to other servers is controlled by the browser used. You can disable the use of these files in your browser, but this is not recommended because you can significantly limit the site’s functionality.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file a website saves on your computer or mobile device while you are browsing the site. This file lets the site keep information for a certain amount of time about your actions and preferences (such as language, name, country, identifying an unregistered user for storing a shopping cart and similar information) so you neither need to retype it when you next visit the site, nor have to re-browse individual pages.

How are cookies used?
These sites use cookies to remember user settings and for necessary website functionality.

How to control cookies
You can review or delete cookies at your discretion – for details see You can clear all the cookies stored on your computer and most browsers can be set for them not to be saved. In such a case, however, you may have to manually modify some settings each time you visit the site, and some services and features will not work.

How to refuse the use of cookies
You can set your web browser for the use of cookies. Most browsers are automatically set to receive cookies as the default.

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